Ford econovan -97
Since our time here in Australia has come to an end we need to sell our van. It has taken us around in Australia during our 4 months of traveling. 
It's a fully equipped campervan and suits perfectly for us backpackers!
• Registered in Western Australia - RWC not needed and the transfer of the veichle to your name is possible to do by mail.  
• Rego until 4 nov 2013
• Odo: 279.2xx km
• 11-12L/100km - unleaded
• Working Air Condition
• Serviced at 279.200 km with new engine oil and new oil filter 
• New timing belt!
• Replaced starting engine 
• New battery
• New air filter
• New spark plugs
• Full history for the vehicle years back in time with receipts, changed ownerships, regos and other papers saved
• Great tyres - you will not need to change during your trip around Australia
• Immobiliser
• 2 car keys
• Works with E10
Equippment included
• King size matters - 140 cm wide
• 5 Pillows, covers 
• 2 sets of sheets
• 2 nice blankets
• Camping tables - large and a small one
• 2 camping chairs - shed able
• Gas cooker - with a supply of gas + all necessary kitchen equipment (plates, pans, cups, cutleries...)
• 2x set of  new fishing gears
• 20 Litre Jerry Can 
• 2x electric fans - great for warm nights
• 230 volts power inverter - charge your computers, phones, cameras etc. Possible to use even with engine off.
• 2 small led lamps, one heavy duty led lamp which is rechargeable and one 230 volts halogen lamp for moments when you are plugged in.
• 3x internet sticks for computers of different providers
• 3x of snorkeling gear
• A portable DVD player + DVD's
• Audio in line, for plugging in devices to the car speaker system such as ipod, phones, mp3's etc
• 15+ meters of cable - electricity in the car at caravan parks or any other place with a power outlet.
• 12 volt car USB charger -
• Solar shower
• Sun reflectors
• 10 Litre cooler box 
• Maps of all over Australia
• Camp 5, working guide and other good books for backpackers in Australia
• Many boxes, drawers etc with good storage for keeping all your things in a nice clean way!
• Big tarpaulin/plastic blanket for using as roof on rainy days you want to be able to sit outside etc
• Mosquito nets
• Lots of tools (Pliers,
Quality ring spanner set,
Sparking plug spanner..)
• And lots of more!
We will gladly help you with the owner transmission, papers and all, if you wish.
Interested? Give us a call or send us a text and we will show you the car and let you go for a test run!
We speak English and Swedish.
David: 0423559587
Josefine: 0403559036hannajosefine@live.com


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